This is a brief word of caution if you are considering purchasing a Tesla Model X, their new SUV. Whereas with the recent crashes of the Tesla Model X, even when drivers were not in the vehicle at the time, the safety of technology features is a high risk safety issue. It also is not large enough for your lifestyle or purpose when transporting children. The brief below is from Pro Consumer Safety's Facebook. 

Perhaps the most important thing to take away here is the need for operator training: The manufacturer is finding that these crashes are driver error. Because these vehicles are "partially autonomous" perhaps the manufacturer needs to require a special operators license to drive these partially autonomous vehicles so drivers are properly trained to keep the driver, it's passengers, as well as other vehicles and pedestrians safe.

Remember when shopping for a new vehicle check the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization that helps to reduce death, injury and property from crashes. They offer an excellent resource for consumers on vehicle ratings