Every year between the months of November and December, on average, 240 people are injured from holiday decorating related activities.   This means that every year 14,000 people are injured between these months, resulting in about 10 people every hour taken to an emergency room for injuries that are 100% preventable.

Injury risks include:
  • Adult falls (mostly from ladders), but also cuts, burns and back strains from decorating
  • Fires: Most tree fires happen between Christmas Day and New Year's because trees are dried out from being in warm homes and not watered. Other risks include the tree being placed too close to hearth of fireplace, strands of lights exceeding maximum number of strands plugged together.
  • Falls and poisonings among toddler-aged children: These include falls from shopping carts and escalators and poisoning from holiday plants.
Fortunately these injury risks can be prevented. Pro Consumer Safety provides safety reminders to help with those families who visit homes who generally do not have children or at times when supervision lapses for a moment of time, as well as other decorating safety recommendations. More at..

Happy Holidays!



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    Dr. Safety
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         Throughout my years of graduate and professional education in public health, neuroscience, public policy and intergovernmental management, from the University of Oxford, England, George Washington University, Washington D.C., and the University of Southern California, I have applied a multidisciplinary approach to educate not only the public as a community benefit but also to develop sustainable public health injury prevention programs to state and local governments, schools, hospitals and organizations to help promote safety and healthy lifestyles.
      I also use a personal approach to educating parents and children by empowering them so they can make healthier and safer choices in life and have a happier life and improve communities.
        I appear as a guest on a regular basis with LaFern Cusack on the ESPN Experience (AM710) and Radio Disney Playground (AM1110).  
        Contact me to discuss any child safety question, speaking engagements, or to request a discuss of a specific injury topic at              drsafety@proconsumersafety.com


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