This video offers an excellent learning opportunity to teach parents about factors that influence their child's self-esteem and image. As a parent we want the best for our child. Unfortunately sometimes a parent might not be happy with how they look, like their hair for example. Such behaviors are modeled to children and teens. Unfortunately the child or teen learns from the parent and can have a negative affect on the child or teen's self-esteem.

Everyone should first be happy with the way they look. For girls in particular are often bombarded by media with super-thin models, the use of make-up and related beauty products to change how they look and they begin to compare and feel insecure about themselves. This can have a major negative affect on girls when exposed to such powerful messages affecting their self-esteem and image.

This video, about children not liking their curly hair makes an excellent point. Parents and adults in the child or teen's life can have significant influence in helping to improve their child's self-esteem and image in how they look and feel about themselves. 
Loving how one looks is a step to improving one's self-esteem. Once the parent learns to love how they look naturally, you will be surprised what positive influence this will have on your child or teen's self-esteem. It is more important to love who you and how you look, and be happy with yourself, than try to change yourself to someone who you  are not. Learn to love how beautiful you look. It will have a major influence to improving your child's self-esteem and self-image. Your child will also become more confident in themselves so they can focus on life learning activities and opportunities such as those in The Parent's Pyramid. Show your child how beautiful you are naturally, today.


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