Pro Consumer Safety reminder that Sunday, March 8, 2015 clocks change ahead at 2:00 am to 3:00 am. Remember:
  • MOBILE DEVICES: Not all mobile phone carriers change the time forward right at 2:00. So the time on your mobile device may vary. Allow for this if you set the alarm for in the morning
  • SMOKE ALARMS/CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS: This is a great time to  check and/or change batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors



07/07/2015 12:55am

Thanks for the reminder. I wish our clock doesn’t need to change every time since we have fixed time clock like other countries, they have fixed time to follow, unlike us. For sure our lives change a lot.

12/18/2015 5:29am

Timing features are different in every mobile phone. This is one of the basic features that available in every mobile.

12/02/2016 1:53am

Such reminders are so useful! I am very grateful for this post.

03/09/2017 11:13pm

Are we changing time this year? Do you have any news about this?

03/25/2017 2:38am

It's always quite hard for me to deal with these time changes. What about you?

07/03/2017 4:38am

i am visiting first time to your blog awesome post you have written, thank for sharing.

07/15/2017 3:58am

Very Informative blog! The given research is according to the topic and brings more tactics in my mind. Keep sharing.

08/14/2017 8:33am

Such reminders are pretty handy. You should continue to post them here from time to time.


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