As we welcome the holiday season, Pro Consumer Safety reminds us of how to not put ourselves at risk of injury.

Each year between November and December holiday decorating alone is responsible for nearly 15,000 injuries (CPSC). As the decorations come out and up, so do the risk of falls, lacerations and back strains from holiday decorating. In addition to adult falls, injuries also include fires, mostly from dried out Christmas tree's in the home, to falls and poisoning among toddler-aged children. In addition to physical injury risk is that of emotional and physical stress from extending oneself to thin from family and financial stress to making this year the best leading to too much stress.  
The good news however, is that these injuries and stress are 100% preventable.  Pro Consumer Safety offers decoratingcookingstress-free holidaysholidays after loss of a loved-oneshopping tipschild-safe shopping guidegifts and child boundaries and family holiday activities.
You can download and print Holiday Times to help you welcome the holidays without the risks.
Pro Consumer Safety also reminds families to take time to enjoy the season. Whether you are driving to family or playing a winter sport activity remember that most car crashes are from driving too fast for conditions. Have fun, keep safe and enjoy the 2015 holiday season!


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