Be a positive role model by teaching your children that the holiday season is a time for giving and how to be realistic. Remember trying to meet all of your child’s wishes can cause stress to you and your bank account.
  • Let them know if a toy is unsafe or too expensive
  • Let them know that you and Santa will do their best to get them a special gift
  • Enjoy time with your children. Have them choose a craft or activity at least once a week. Bake cookies, write a story, or make up a game, even as a gift. Your children will remember these moments much more than anything you will ever buy!

By simply setting boundaries and validating your child will help give you and your child a much happier holiday.
Get this!
Not This!

Validate your child’s feelings

So plan ahead, be aware and ready to respond, because you know you will hear “I want…”. So as you shop, when you hear “I want”, remember to first validate their feelings. Even if you are shopping for others, still validate them by letting them know you are happy they showed you what they would like. Acknowledge them by asking them to remember that item and write it on a list when they get home. Then, if they keep asking then simply remind them again that you are shopping for others and let them help you.
Set boundaries with your child

Plan ahead, when you take your child to any store during the holidays, let them know what your intent is. Let them know what you are shopping for. If gifts for others, try to have them help by asking for their ideas. Let them know that it is okay if they see something they like, but this is not the time for us to buy it.

Remember to follow these tips to help keep you and your family safe this holiday season. Watch out for all of the eight part serious on holiday safety including Cooking, Stress-Free Holidays, The Holidays After Loss of A Loved One, Shopping, Child Safe Gift Guide, Gift's and Child Boundaries, and Family Holiday Activities and more.

You can also visit Winter Holidays and Winter Sport Safety or read or print Holiday Times for all your holiday safety needs.

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