Before you use the heavily-shaded viewing classes to experience the total solar eclipse today, make sure they are appropriate viewing glasses and NOT FAKE. I was on at a freeway off-ramp for example and someone was selling eclipse viewing glasses. I checked them out and no code. These were not safe. Inappropriate viewing glasses can cause permanent eye damage.
Before you look check to make sure your viewing glasses are real by checking for the ISO Code “ISO 12312-2”.

For eclipse viewing glasses to be compliant they must meet International Organization for Standardization (ISO) safety regulations. Before using, make sure your glasses have this ISO code “ISO 12312-2”.
The American Astronomical Society has a list of retailers who sell appropriate eclipse viewing glasses. Yours might be on this list, but always check for the code. If the glasses you have do not have this code “DO NOT USE” and “Don’t Look At The Sun”. Appropriate eclipse-viewing lenses are designed to completely block out the sun. Without this you are at risk of permanent eye damage. And do not try to substitute appropriate eclipse viewing glasses with welding helmets either, these will not work. Don’t risk it. Check for the code “ISO 12312-2”. If you cannot find this code “DO NOT USE” and “Don’t Look At The Sun”, save your eyes! Although some might have made Pinhole Projectors which are safe but you are not looking at the sun. Enjoy your experience!


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