Every year children and adults are injured throughout the holiday and winter season from decorating, unsafe non-age appropriate toys, winter driving on wet and icy roads, food preparation, holiday stress to winter sport activities. To assist in preventing injuries this holiday season, Pro Consumer Safety continues in providing no-cost awareness materials for educators, healthcare providers and organizations, available for download, printing and distribution to help provide prevention tips to parents and families.
Why is this necessary? An estimated 7,500 people are treated in emergency departments throughout November and December for injuries related to holiday decorating alone in the United States (CPSC). Nearly $170 million in property damages are attributed to candle fires alone each year, with one-sixth of these fires occurring in the month of December (NFPA). Children under the age of 5 are at an elevated injury risk associated from falls from shopping carts and escalators and in the home from being exposed to poisonous holiday plants (Christmas cactus, and holly berries) and decorations that look like candy to injuries associated with small parts due to non-age appropriate toys and gifts. Between the months of November and December every hour 10 people are injured from holiday decorating activities.

The most common injuries include:
  • Adult falls (mostly from ladders), cuts, burns, and back strains from decorating
  • Fires: Most tree fires happen between Christmas and New Year's when trees become more dried out. Tree fires happen because of three common reasons: 1) The tree not being watered-Live trees dry quickly in a warm home, especially when not watered regularly causing a high fire risk. 2) the tree being placed too close to a heat source (fireplace or heater), and 3) Too many strands of lights plugged into together.
  • Falls and poisonings among toddler-aged children: Children under the age of 5 are also treated in emergency departments during this time of year for injuries associated with 1) shopping cart and escalator related-falls while parents are shopping; and 2) in the home from being exposed to poisonous holiday plants and decorations that look like candy. 
In addition to holiday related injury risks are closely followed by winter sport injuries (skiing, snowboarding, sledding, skating, etc.), driving related injuries from driving in snow, icy and even rainy wet roads, to rain and flood risks.

Pro Consumer Safety has established holiday safety materials available for download, printing and distribution in an effort to help increase awareness and decrease the risk of exposure to keep families safer and healthy throughout the holiday and winter season.

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